Who We Are

Dynamic Bodyworks offers a different kind of massage in Wichita and the surrounding areas. Rather than being focused on a spa-type treatment, the massage therapists at Dynamic Bodyworks customize a treatment plan for you. Whether you are struggling with leg, arm, neck, or back pain, Alicia and Cindy will develop a massage therapy routine to help you get back feeling your absolute best.

Dynamic Bodyworks also offers migraine massage in Wichita and the metro areas. Additionally, both Alicia and Cindy offer migraine massage for migraine sufferers and PTSD massage which helps relieve the symptoms of PTSD for veterans, survivors of abuse or violence, or other types of traumas.

Tailored Massage & More

Your tailored massage includes a premium gel from local company Joyous Green. This product used in every massage is their own blend from quality ingredients with pain-relieving properties to enhance the techniques we use to improve your overall body alignment. Teaming up with KNeticx, your health resource center, and Wholly Cow, a Kansas organic beef company, we want to bring awareness to your overall health. We want to become your one-stop-shop for a healthier you.

Meet Alicia

I'm Alicia Dale, board-certified, Wichita licensed massage therapist, and owner of Dynamic Bodyworks Massage. I offer massage therapy for the relief of chronic pain and limited movement. Whether you're experiencing tension from all day computer work, suffering from standing on your feet for hours, or need relief from a past injury. I'm here to make your life a little easier.

After a knee injury in high school, I know what it's like to suffer from chronic pain. My therapeutic massage provides relief by targeting the pain. My goal is to make sure you feel tons better when you leave. With my in-depth knowledge of the body, I listen to your issues and carefully plan your session to give you a massage just for you.

Meet Cindy

I’m Cindy Moore, a licensed massage therapist specializing in recovery from hospitalization and trauma. Working the last twenty years in an extended-stay trauma hospital, I have seen the toll that "simple" procedures or surgeries can take on the patient and caregiver.
I personally experienced a critical patient event, giving me a unique perspective and allowing me to use a trauma-sensitive holistic approach. With targeted massage, I can help the body release tension and move better with less pain. My techniques help to soothe sore, tired muscles easing sensory overload and allowing for quality rest to promote healing. 
I also have experience being the primary caregiver for my mother who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I was able to help my sweet mom manage pain and anxiety using focused breathwork, stretches, and massage therapy. By using massage to help manage pain she was able to get quality rest and required less pain medication making her more lucid for meaningful family time. 
Most recently, having worked in this region's only verified Burn Center lead me to obtain a certification for burn scar massage. I truly believe that using positive touch to work through pain and trauma, individuals who suffer from chronic pain and life-altering injuries or health problems can continue to live their Best Life.

New Location

NOW OPEN at 6803 W Taft

Dynamic Bodyworks Massage has found new digs at 6803 W. Taft Suite 401. 

We are thrilled to invite you to our well-designed and functional space to accommodate a new and exciting customer experience.

Stay tuned for more updates as renovations progress at Kneticx!

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