NMT and Stretch, October 29th, 12pm - 3pm

NMT and Stretch, October 29th, 12pm - 3pm


Topical Outline

  •     Welcome, introductions
  •     Most common client complaints
  •     Looking at posture as a cause
  •     Self- Care posture techniques
  •     Intro to NMT
  •     Body work
  •     Functional stretch
  •     Round Table discussion
  •     Complete written evaluation

This workshop is a “sneak peek” of an upcoming 8 hour CE workshop covering techniques in Neuromuscular Therapy. It includes a brief history of  Neuromuscular therapy, identifies postural disfunction and introduces client homework in the form of stretching.  Some body work will be included.  Participation will improve your ability to recognize postural disfunction and improve client outcomes with NMT and stretching.

Date/time: October 29th, 12:00pm to 3:00pm

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