PTSD Massage

Bodywork for the Mind

Dynamic Bodyworks offers PTSD Massage for those who have been diagnosed with the often-debilitating disorder. PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, is a mental health issue that some people may develop after trauma. In fact, about 10 of every 100 (10%) women develop PTSD at some point in their lives compared to about 4% of men. PTSD is a mental health issue, but it causes physical symptoms including increased blood pressure and heart rates, joint pain, back pain, muscle tension, nausea and fatigue.

How is PTSD Massage Different?

People with PTSD can experience sensory overload and become overstimulated by the outside world. PTSD sufferers are constantly on guard for danger, and because of this regular massage therapy can be hard. PTSD Massage uses bodyworks to help calm the client’s mind and in turn, their body.

The PTSD Massage starts with a conversation and consent. Before a PTSD Massage starts, the therapist has a discussion with the client about what to expect as well as finding out what the client is comfortable with. The therapist will talk through how to lay on the table—or if the client isn’t comfortable with that, a chair is available. The therapists will explain more about what levels of undress or over the clothes are options as well. Discussions about which parts of the body the client is comfortable having touched are also a part of this intake process.

As the therapist is doing the bodywork during a PTSD Massage, they pay careful attention to how the client is reacting physically to the massage. If the client stops talking after having been talkative, or their pulse begins to race, or they start to sweat—or a myriad of other physical changes, the therapist will ask about their comfort level and adjust as needed.

Benefits of PTSD Massage

PTSD Massage can work hand in hand with other PTSD treatments to help those with the disorder feel more comfortable in the surroundings. It can help get them back to doing things they used to enjoy and reduces physical and mental stress.

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